Type of small, hairy (possibly bordering upon furry) pony, which jumps well.

Also a small area in Ireland, full of bogs and heartbroken tiny ponies who jump, wearily and endlessly, through the bogs. There is no end to it and there is nothing on the other side. Having crossed a bog, they rest, and then they cross another bog. When they rest for too long, they sink into the earth, and all of them choose that end eventually.

A tasty peated single malt Irish whiskey made in Riverstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. The use of peated malted barley and pot still distilling makes for quite a unique flavor, unlike the typical triple-distilled Irish whiskey. It costs about $40 for a 750mL bottle in the US. I do not recommend coding or noding while under its influence.

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