Short for "configuration".

Also, a Perl module for getting information about your system, and the parameters your Perl binaries were built with.

For a good example of what the module can do, try this command:

$ perl -MConfig -e 'print Config::myconfig();'

This will print a lot of stuff most coders will never need, but it's always cool to know, say, what size of int is on your machine.

Config module defines a read-only hash %Config from which the original Perl script variables can be found (for example, $Config{'osname'} has the name of your operating system, $Config{'myarchname'} has your architecture.

Cool Functions:

Wetware-legible summary of machine configuration (similiar to perl -V output)
Returns all possible stuff from %Config in shell script format
Prints out the mentioned configuration variables to STDOUT.

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