Conan the Adventurer
The Series

In the late nineties, we saw Conan the Adventurer, a live action television show. It originally cleared in fifteen countries and 85% of the U.S. market, was distributed by Western International Syndication and produced by Keller Entertainment (Tarzan: The epic Adventures and Alcapulco Heat). The series ran weekly for 22 one hour episodes.

The role of Conan was portreyed by Ralf Moeller (think of an Arnie-clone without ANY acting nability), two time Mr. Universe, a native of Germany and friend to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The rest of the ensemble cast included Danny Woodburn (Otli), Robert McRay (Zzeben), T.J. Storm (Bayu), Aly Dunne (Karela), and briefly, Andrew Craig (Vulkar).

And it sucked bigtime. The scriptwriting was dismal to non-existent, the acting horrible, the fight-scenes slow and badly choreographed (turn...wait...block...wait...attack). The writers and directors for the TV series were/are some of the worst in the business. Conan the Adventurer recieved a dismal 1.7 in the Nielson Ratings System primarily because of low production values, bad directing and terrible writing. This show was far worse than its animated counterpart (also named Conan the Adventurer) which was produced back in 1991.

Oh wait, the show did have one redeeming factor: It was cancelled after season one!

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