Weaponlord is a fighting game for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo that appeared at about the time the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn came into being, and coincidentially was not very popular. The game thrusts the player into the role as a barbarian (the player can choose one of seven), who must destroy the Demonlord in order to end the oppression of his or her peoples.

Weaponlord is a very unusual fighting game for a variety of reasons. The most noticable difference is that most of the special moves a character can perform are used by holding down a button, doing a motion on the D-pad, then letting go of the button. Another feature the game has is that fatalities are done by combo-ing special moves upon an unsuspecting opponent that has little remaining health. One can even kill the opponent mid-combo and continue to mutilate the corpse - juggling skulls and limbs, etc. Perhaps the action is somewhat morbid sounding, but it is actually done in a way that is not overly gratuitous.

In fact, in the story mode, the only way to completely defeat an opponent, one must kill them, not just knock them unconsious.

Many people dislike the game, however, because of the bizarre control scheme, dull sound, and slow/seemingly unfair action. Because of the way the special moves work (by holding down buttons), moves do not occur until the button is released, usually creating a delayed reaction. Admittedly, the music and sound is just slightly above average, with the screams sounding muffled and the weapons dulled.

Despite the game's downsides, there are many positive parts to the game. The graphics, while a little dark and unsaturated, are large and well animated. The game is well-detailed: one can break an opponent's weapon or even cut an opponents hair, if a strike is timed correctly. The story is definitely quite good for a fighting game, and the characters are different enough from each other to warrant multiple plays.

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