Don't get me wrong. I grew more as person in those 4.5 years than any other time in my life, but this is just a little advice to those that are contemplating on going to ye old school.

1) On the tour they show you super-clean, ultra-slick, multi-million dollar buildings full of brand new Sun's, SGI's, and Gigahertz Pentiums (North Engineering & Nietske Hall). Unfortunately what they don't tell you is that you will be spending 99% of your time freezing or frying in Palmer Hall which needs to be condemned. You'll recognize it as the rusty concrete building.

2) Do you speak another lanuage? That's great! Because by the time you graduate you will speak about 4 more. Did I mention we have many foreign students and professors? I took 5 years of French in high school and can only ask "Where is the toilet?" It always amazed me that communicating at the University seemed to come so much more quickly when your grade was hanging in the balance.

3) Get to know Al, Jerry, and Mary Lou. Enough said.

4) Seek out ACM or IEEE or both! I originally didn't want to get invovled in any campus organizations, but a friend of mine pulled me to an ACM meeting and I met a lot of good friends. When you are feeling down about having to use MS software just go to the ACM office. They are the best Linux support group on campus.

5) Snack machines are your friends and your enemies. When purchasing your food choose wisely. Anything that says "Made fresh!" stay away from.

6) Toledo can get bitterly cold in the winter. If you are trying to get into any of the engineering buildings at night and you forgot your card (or the system just locked you out). Go to the back side of Nietske Hall towards Dorr St. There you will find your salvation. There is a giant handicap button to open the door. It opens without a key card. :) Quite a bit of engineering eh?

7) Don't just rely on your advisor when taking classes, ask REAL people who care. Where do you think the .5 in my 4.5 came from?

8) Enjoy it while it lasts!

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