The Comic Stop is my comic store. I'm sure that any of you who buy comics on a regular basis have a particular place you go to; the Comic Stop is mine. Really, when you get down to it, all comic shops are basically the same. They can all order pretty much the same stuff, and their selections don't tend to differ all that much from one to another. In my considered opinion, it's the people that make the difference. So the Comic Stop is my comic store. Here's why.

I was in Japan for the five months early in 1998, and although there aren't a lot of comics I buy on a monthly basis (I prefer collecting the trade paperbacks) I have one or two titles that I collect. There are many comic shops in Albuquerque, but the one I patronize with my paltry business has always seemed free of the vague air of hostility that I catch in many other stores.

When I bought my last issue before my trip, I casually asked if they'd hold onto it for me while I was away. No filling out of forms, I didn't even give them my name (although they knew it, since it had come up in conversation before). Months pass, and when I got home, I was worried that they wouldn't have remembered such an informal agreement. But there they were, five months worth of my favorite titles. It nearly brought tears to this otaku's eyes.

So, Albuquerque-area folks, If you don't already have a favorite comic store, head over to the Comic Stop, (505)-888-0489, 6200 Montgomery Blvd. NE.

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