College Street in Toronto is definitely the best street in whole city (well, maybe Queen, or Yonge...) In any case, College is definitely the hippest street in Toronto, featuring more hyper-chic bars, clubs and bistros than any other area of Toronto. Th most popular neighbourhood on College is Little Italy, as this is where most of the popular spots are located. In addition to this, however, College also has some of the best hangouts and haunts for almost any situation. The following is my "Best of College" list:
Best Movie Theatre: The Royal, in between Grace and Euclid. Great seats, big screen, cheap admission (with membership.)
Best Restaurant: Café Diplomatico: See under Little Italy.
Best Bar: At Bathurst and College. Based solely on hearsay, but it's some pretty vehement hearsay]. Don't be turned off by the exterior decor; it's supposed to be like that.
Best Ice Cream: See under Little Italy.
Best Library: Lillian H. Smith, just east of Spadina. Three stories, huge inventory, spiffy statues on the outside, many great reading nooks. Utterly mind-boggling.

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