The 1970s saw America in the so-called golden age of the columbian drug trade, and the substance was present in all forms of pop culture; musicians were doing it, actors and filmmakers, models, writers, and regular working people too. I suppose the jury was still out on coke's side effects and dangers, or maybe people just didn't care. Regardless, enough people were doing it to justify a lucrative business making designer mirrors to cut up and snort lines off of, sporting painted logos of your favorite band; Led Zeppelin, Lynrd Skynrd, Rolling Stones, all kinds of bands and singers were found with their logos and/or likenesses on painted mirrors about the size of a cd longbox (if you even remember those.) I remember seeing these mirrors as prizes for the games at Kennywood and Cedar Point and the carnivals that would travel through town. I never really grasped at the time why so many bands had their logos on these mirrors, or what anyone would do with one.

Years later I would be listening to an album titled Paul's Boutique. There's a line, "We be doin' nose candy on the Bowie coke mirror, my girl asked for some but I pretended not to hear 'er" and suddenly I remembered all those prize mirrors at the ring toss game, and shoot the star. It seems crazy now that there was such an overt declaration of cocaine use in merchandising, perhaps no different now than the marijuana related clothing and other merchandise declaring the wearer's drug of choice. Still, marijuana won't KILL you.

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