Coffee breakdance; tea of france
Drank my mother to the end of my stance
The waters of my tepid youth
Submerged in vats of permanence
Those who enter the doors of e2
Will always be the doors of e2
And as they type away in their dreamy wake,
They consider the sounds for drinking or intake
The daily campus (coolest paper in the world)
Lies to my mother when she asks it for me
And lunch money given to the windowsill
A lime of disease that spreads over the chilly
Winter of Siberia
Where schreiberia once I came along a path
To north Dakota where my ancestors lay
In a pile of motion blur upon unearthed clay
Kinetics and unkinetics were once origins of silver
When windows along the shoreline concede
The waves surge from their blanket of soft
And softserve their way up the mile of thicket
Until they reach the bed of the unconscious fool
Who drank too much and died in a scurry
Among the ladles and spoons of your cook’s gravy
I want saag, you want curry
But if all want chili,
Then would drink slurry?
Maybe uncle billy
Would paneer his roof
And step inside another rendition of his fantasy
Rain! For rain must be cold if wet is showered
Showers must drain all heat from a body before consuming the soul
For the soul is a delicate piece of hormone
That detects every move of the advanced mechanism
That blows horns in the morning and drinks wine in the breakfast
Lets go eat breakfast where there have been several eggs laid upon
The chairs of mt. St. Helens
And the ventalation shaft above the vocano that started the riot
In the streets of venezuela’s cocaine beans bumping against the cart
Which carried by several Indians were slaves among the poor
Who whipped up a plan to engage the engineers
For interrogation was the method chosen by the fools
Who gold tried to drink but came out as ice
From an iceberg afar where rain must suffice
For rice was plenty in a world of darkness
And sparks of bread appeared as fires of st. elms
Who dressed as a ninja and sent owls along the phoneline
Until they called the ringer of the bells
Of the churchtowers along the road to hell
Makers of the namebrand soda mattel
Cream of broccoli, broccoli of pear
Pear of ginger ale, a pail of red potatoes
May die in their sleep when fed to the ungar
Who makes children awake from pools of spawn
Arrogance is the worst quality of the possessed and the deranged
Arrogance became a popular term in the 1920s because of the cereal
Arrogance of cereal was transformed into the bowl of dust
Which excessively talked to be helped again
Put on the board of examples and tens
Tens of hearts and threes of power
Can render and engender maniacs of surrender
A professor looked out a window of his sub-atmoic car
And caressed the surface of the oranges which bore apart a core
Of uranium output and became known as the understood sin
Lemons of trees grew upon the knowledge of poverty
For a pathetic tree will never dry in a potpourri of everescence
And the calculators will bring themselves to the party
When uninvited you must become the gatecrasher
When ungatecrashed, you must become the uninviter
When you crash a gate becareful of the unwanted punctures
That may result as bronze contacts flesh
And flesh bleeds silk
Silk dries breath of the unwanted ilk
Ilk creates illusion among the weak and fumble
Fumbled among the honeycombs attached
To the tree of climbing
Decided by the god of interpretation of vodka
And whitish yolk of eggs on heroien
May be looked up in the backs of 5 millionth of a square
Olms law of gravitational thrust among uncertain variables of parrellel motion
A circuit that deep may fall under its own weight
For a weighted circuit is too electrical to create a plasma display
One you see in front of you is not your own vision of the thing in front of me
It is a multitude of images collided in an ion to create several fusions of time
And through this dimension of unparallel strength, makers of ford
Can drive into their life and exit without much limitation
Because the open money policy was adopted by me
And signed by the governor of repartee
10/11/02 <e2>
Written by a friend,, reposted with permission

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