Codel is the middle english origin of the modern Cuttle, as in cuttlefish, as in squid - ten arms, no waiting.

That's tangential, though, and while I'm sure some people will stumble across the word while looking for something historically relevant to cook the in-laws, in American governmental usage CODEL is short for Congressional Delegation. A CODEL is any trip to foreign soil commissioned and paid for by the United States Congress for the purpose of fact-finding or diplomatic exchange. Members of a CODEL are granted diplomatic status and diplomatic passports for the duration of the trip and can, depending on the stability of the region involved and the profile of the delegation's members, be offered Secret Service protection.

And, proving that there's no such thing as a unique acronym, CoDeL is a Lebanese environmental organization who have taken it upon themselves to monitor soil conditions in some of the country's most arid regions. Short for Combating Desertification in Lebanon, ('Desertification' being the degradation, climatic or otherwise, of the soil in said regions, resulting in a lowering of fertility and crop viability), the organization was most recently successful in a. establishing a "World Day to Combat Desertification" (it's June 17th, in case you didn't know), and b. creating a National Action Program to manage the problem. Not much has been released since the publication of this paper, but I can only assume that the program is still underway.

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