Club Passim is a folk music club/restaurant in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA, USA). It sits across the street from the Harvard Coop, on Palmer Street.

From 1958 throught 1968, Club Passim was known as Club 47 (mailing address: 47 Palmer Street...); the club was simply "Passim" from 1969 until 1994, before taking on its current name. To those who make such decisions, Club 47 is often seen as more influencial in the 60's folk boom than clubs in New York and Berkely. Joan Baez got her start on the club's stage, and legend has it that a friend of hers rented the club out so that she might get to perform. Joan later introduced Bob Dylan there, who played between her acts.

The Cambridge police shut the club down for a second time, but by that point the performers had enough of a community built up to rally and stay together, and the club reopenned as "Passim" in 1969. It remains to this day as a small venue where the audience is "is close enough to feel reverberation of music, see the sweat of the brow, and be a part of the art."

Many big-name acts play Passim these days, and its possible to catch acts such as Dan Bern, Jess Klein, Ellis Paul, James O'Brien, and many others in this non-profit room.

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