General Information

A private club catering to the goth, punk and industrial scene in the city of Seattle, Washington, USA. Located in the fashionably artsy Capitol Hill district at 1009 Lower E. Union Street. The decor is in deep red and black hues, dimly lit with candles on each velvet-topped table. There is lots of reasonably comfortable seating, a decent-sized dancefloor, clean bathrooms, and a free billiards table. Drinks are strong and reasonably-priced for the area; be sure and try the house special, the "Black Orchid".

The club is located down a narrow alley underneath a car repair shop and is incredibly hard to find unless you know exactly where to look; this gives the Mercury an interesting "underground speakeasy" feel.


The club opens its doors at 9:00 PM 7 days a week, and is open until 2:00 AM on weekdays and 4:00 AM on weekends. Last call is at 1:45 AM.

Getting There

From Interstate 5 (northbound or southbound), take the Denney Way exit as you drive through downtown Seattle. Drive east on Denney up the hill until you reach a wide, brightly lit street called Broadway. Take a right on Broadway until you reach Union Street. Take a left on Union and drive two blocks until you see a car repair garage on your right with lots of people wearing all black hanging around out front. There will be a small alley that goes down a steep incline just to the side of the repair shop. You will be able to see an open door with dim red light emanating from inside. About halfway down the incline you'll hit a wall of clove smoke; that means you've found Club Mercury.

Getting In

The Mercury is a private club for members and their guests. If you are not a member or are in the company of a member, you will not be allowed in. The Mercury is strictly 21+, and everyone is carded at the door.

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