In horseshoes, one point is scored by having the closest horsehoe, if there are no ringers. If one player's horseshoes are both closer than his or her opponent's, one point is awarded per horseshoe.

Close counts in horseshoes.

A fragmentation grenade is a hand-throwable explosive device, designed to expel fragments at high velocity. The wound radius of a M67 frag grenade is 15 meters, the kill radius is 5 meters.

You don't have to be perfectly accurate with a grenade.

The smallest nuclear weapon ever fielded by the United States was the Davy Crockett tactical nuclear weapon, designed for infantry use. The W-54 warhead produced a significant amount of radiation as opposed to other blast effects, and had a dose of 10,000 rems at 150 meters. The smoothbore recoilless rifle of the launcher meant the Davy Crockett was not a particularly accurate weapon.

But it didn't need to be.

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