BR Class 10 (BR/Blackstone/GEC 0-6-0 DE)

These locomotives, built in the standard British Railways series of 0-6-0 diesel-electric shunters (see Class 08, Class 09) were fitted with Blackstone diesel prime movers and GEC electrical equipment instead of the standard English Electric components, in order to see if the performance measured up. While they performed quite adequately, the English Electric-equipped units were unarguably better, and the experiment was not continued.

As a small, nonstandard class when the requirement for shunters was diminishing, the class were fated for early withdrawal and they were all gone from British Rail service by the early 1970s; none ever wore TOPS numbers even though they received the designation of Class 10. A fair number passed into the hands of private industry, since they were only ten to fifteen years old or so at withdrawal, and some have further passed into service in preservation. All wore British Railways green their entire service lives, and none were ever fitted with train air brakes.


    TOPS Numbering:  Never Carried
    1957 Numbering:  D3137-D3151, D3439-D3453, D3473-D3502, D3612-D3651, D4049-D4094 
          Built by:  BR Darlington & Doncaster
        Introduced:  1955-1962
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-6-0 (C)
            Length:  29ft 3in (8.91m)
            Weight:  49 tonnes (metric tons)
    Maximum  Speed:  15 mph (24 km/h)
            Engine:  Blackstone ER6
     Engine Output:  350hp (261 kW)
      Transmission:  Electric
    Main Generator:  GEC
   Traction Motors:  2 x GEC
        Brake Type:  Vacuum
       Brake Force:  19 tons
      Heating Type:  None Fitted
Route Availability:  5

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