BR Class 06 (Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 DM)

Between 1958 and 1960 a total of 35 of these small diesel-mechanical shunters were built for British Railways by Andrew Barclay, Sons and Co., Kilmarnock (Scotland) for use on the Scottish Region of BR, who had requested a powerful locomotive with a very short wheelbase (only 7ft), but still capable of trip workings on the main line.

These locomotives had the same diesel engine as classes 03, 04 and 05, but were of an 0-4-0 wheel arrangement, making for a heavier axle load than the other classes. In terms of looks they were otherwise distinctive; the bonnet (US:hood) was narrower from side to side than the others, and the locomotive had a large diesel fuel tank mounted atop the bonnet at the cab end, extending just under a third of the bonnet's length and angled in on the sides. The radiator had the word BARCLAY above it.

The majority of the class was withdrawn in 1968 with the rationalisation of Britain's railways and the subsequent reduced need for shunters. Ten survived to carry TOPS numbers in 1974, and one, 06 003, remained in service until 1981 and then subsequently departmental service at Reading Signal Works carrying number 97804. It is now preserved.


    TOPS Numbering:  06 001 - 06 010
    1957 Numbering:  D2410 - D2444
          Built by:  Andrew Barclay, Sons and Co., Kilmarnock
        Introduced:  1958-1960
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-4-0 (B)
            Length:  25ft 11in (7.90m)
            Weight:  37 tonnes (metric tons)
    Maximum  Speed:  23mph (37 km/h)
            Engine:  Gardner 8L3
     Engine Output:  204hp (152 kW)
      Transmission:  Mechanical
        Brake Type:  Vacuum
      Heating Type:  None Fitted

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