BR Class 05 (Hunslet 0-6-0 DM)

68 of these small shunters were built by Hunslet between 1955-1961. Mechanically they were very similar to the Class 03 and Class 04, with the same engine, similar transmission, same wheel arrangement (0-6-0) and drive (coupling rods (US: side rods) driving from a rear-mounted jackshaft). In appearance, however, they are quite distinctive; a fatter bonnet (US: hood) covers the Gardner diesel engine and drivetrain, and the bonnet sides angle inward abruptly about a foot and a half from the top. The radiator grille at the front has a prominent HUNSLET above it. The cab is at the rear, as in the other classes, but the three front cab windows are trapezoidal in shape, the outside windows angling inwards from bottom to top following the lines of the bent-inward bonnet sides, and the center window narrows from bottom to top to match. The side windows are divided into four parts and are mounted low, and the cab sides cant inwards from the base of the windows upward.

With the declining need for small shunters most of these locomotives were withdrawn during the late 1960s; however, one example had been sent over to the Isle of Wight and its cab modified to fit the restricted loading gauge of the line. It was used for works trains for the line's electrification and for maintenance trains thereafter, and it was renumbered into the TOPS number 05 001 in 1974. It remained in service until 1981, and was then placed into departmental service as 97803. It is now in preservation and runs on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.


    TOPS Numbering:  05 001 (ex D2554)
    1957 Numbering:  D2550-D2618
          Built by:  Hunslet
        Introduced:  1955-1961
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-6-0 (C)
    Maximum  Speed:  18mph (29 km/h)
            Engine:  Gardner 8L3
     Engine Output:  204hp (152 kW)
      Transmission:  Mechanical
        Brake Type:  Vacuum
      Heating Type:  None Fitted

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