An area in Milano, bounded on the outside by the railway (the line eventually ends at Stazione Centrale) and on the inside by Viale Romagna and more or less Piazzale Bassini, where the morgue, the Instute for Mathematics and the Cancer institute are too (intriguing neigbourhood).

It is built on a rectangular lattice of enormous blocks.

Two universities are to be found there, namely the Politecnico di Milano and the scientific bits of Università degli Studi di Milano, normally known as Statale.
The area is largely invaded by students of the two denominations, although there is also a lot of "real" people living there.
It does not offer much to the tourist, although someone with a passion for the architecturally bizarre might be interested with the topological perversity of the Trifoglio (worst toilets in Milan) and the sheer horror of the Nave (picture a pointy building entirely covered with little grey glass bathroom tiles, all the five storeys of it). Both buildings sit proudly in the Architecture section of the Politecnico.
In Cittá Studi it is difficult to eat well. The university cafeterias range from indifferent to abominable (you can tell whether the Statale is having fried things for lunch from a kilometer away). Your best bets are around Lambrate railway station.
Now that they installed spaceport lights in Piazza Leonardo, the dope dealers have left for more promising and dark areas.

How to get there: the 61 bus from Piazza San Babila, or the M2 (tube line 2) up to Piazzale Piola.

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