The Citrix Certified Administrator is the first or lowest level of certification Citrix offers. After the CCA, is the CCEA, Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator. The CCA is designed for the every day admin of a Citrix enviroment.

If you are responsible for setting up application servers and systems, the Citrix Certified Administrator program is an excellent credential you can use to demonstrate your expertise..... added credibility and recongition and ensuring comprehensive technical instruction on Citrix server products. 1
The test covers the basics of Citrix, from installing and configuring to troubleshooting and adding printers.

  1. Identify the Key Benifits of Deploying MetaFrame
  2. Understanding Digital Independence
  3. Identify the Benefits of MetaFrame Interoperablity
  4. Identify the Software and hardware requirements for MetaFrame XP
  5. Perform Server Planing and Sizing Issues
  6. Installing MetaFrame and various setup options
  7. Identify the components of the ICA packet
  8. List the benefits of Speedscreen Technology
  9. Discuss the featurs of Independent Management Architecture
  10. Recognizing Listener Ports, Idle Sessions, ICA Sessions, and Client Device Licensing
  11. Administering using the Citrix Management Console
  12. Identify Published Applications, Server and Citrix Administrator Properties
  13. Administering using the Citrix Management Console
  14. Understanding Citrix Management Console
  15. Identify featurs of Citrix Server Administration
  16. Shadowing with the Shadow Taskbar
  17. Creating connections with the Citrix Connection Configuration
  18. Configure SpeedScreen latency Reduction Manager

1. Citrix Certified Administrator Fact Sheet available at
Other information from Sybex's boo CCA: Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.0 Administration

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