At our wedding, somebody gave us a jar of Cinnamon Honey as a gift, and one night while fixing dinner, I decided to see what it would be like with chicken. I was pleasantly surprised.

You do not, as it turns out, need a premixed jar of Cinnamon Honey to make this work, especially as your desire for one ingredient or the other may differ from the actual mixture.

Prep time: 20 - 30 mins.


A breast of chicken per person that will be eating
salt and pepper

Chop up your chicken into half inch pieces, and pop them in the frying pan. I personally wait till they're fairly well cooked to start doing anything, so I can tell whether they're still pink or not. If you're fairly well assured of your cooking ability with chicken, feel free to start sooner.

Salt and pepper to taste while it cooks. Once the pink is mostly gone, add a good dollop of honey. You'll note that once it hits the heat, the honey goes fairly liquid and spreads throughout the pan fairly well. You'll want to generally coat the chicken, though not smother it.

Now add the cinnamon. This should create a general brownish look to the chicken somewhat duskier than the normal shade. The aroma of the honey and cinnamon mixing is quite pleasant when it fills the kitchen at such times.

I'll generally serve the chicken up on plates of lettuce and whatever salad ingredients are at hand (tomatos, bell peppers, etc.). Salad dressing adds to the flavor, and does not take away from the taste of the chicken itself, unless you use too much.

In response to question: Unless you use a ton of honey when you do this (notice the dollop) the chicken honestly isn't as sweet as it would sound like. You get that nice rough-sweet edge of the honey, but it's not overpowering. Quite often when I've made this, the cinnamon actually has the leading edge on taste, so it's this nice sweet vs. sharp battle going on in your mouth.

This is also why I serve it on top of salad, usually with a light Italian dressing. The result is a fair number of taste sensations, depending on what you happen to scoop up with your chicken or lettuce, or what have you.

If, when you've finished preparing this, it tastes very sweet, or very much of either ingredient, then you've overdone it somewhere. The idea is for a rounded yet interesting taste that blends well combined with other dishes. It can stand alone, but will likely not be quite as pleasing that way.

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