There are many ways that a person can choose to cut a cigar. By cutting a cigar with a guillotine/circular cut and leaving a lot of unstasteful tobacco exposed, a person is ruining his or her cigar! On the other hand, someone can decide to go with a cigar punch which puts a dainty hole into the cigar. However, with a punch it can cause someone to look like they ate a whole box of sour patch kids as the amount of sucking needed to draw the smoke through the tiny little cigar hole is unnecessary.

After smoking a copious amount of cigars in my life and keeping notes on all of them in a cigar journal my trusty old Cigar V-cut began to finally wear out. I needed to find a new one, but instead of just a cheap $2 cutter I decided I wanted a nice one something in the range of $20, which happened to be an impossibility.

What is a Cigar V-Cut? Well, it is a guillotine like structure that cuts an upwards and downwards V into the cigar as one cuts it. Looking like this: <> The cut allows one to get the ease of draw that he or she would experience from a guillotine/circular cutter, but allow him or her to be exposed to less tobacco as to not ruin the appetizing cigar!

Recently, cigar V-cutters have become a rarity in the cigar world and nice ones cost upwards of $90! The reason that I am fond of the V-cut is my father who has been smoking Cigars since the 1960s as well as their clean cut. My father purchased his beautiful V-Cutter in 1972 when they were popular. However, they no longer exist to be popular (due to lack of knowledge in my opinion) so the supply has dried up. After months of searching, alas I found my $20 nice, metal V-Cutter. The company responsible for producing the cutter resides in Germany and is known as Solingen, and I highly recommend trying a V-Cut if you are a cigar aficionado!

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