The chevy 350 is a size of a small block motor found in Chevrolet cars from the late 50's through today.

350 actually denotes the aproximate cid (Cubic Inch Displacement) of the motor. Also known as a 5.7 litre.

It is a internal combustion engine. 8 cylinders are designed for power, efficiency and sound rather than economy alone. The timing of the motor is designed so that opposite cylinders are fired as a smoothing effect.


ie: in this order: 1-8-2-7-3-6-4-5.

Variations on this occur between different styles of v8 engine and different factory tunings.

This motor is known for its exceptional power and unmatched reliabilty, economy and low cost. Where else can you get 300hp for 15mpg? There are common modifications and techniques for these cars. Like changing the bore and stroke to get a 383 'stroker' motor which has insane power and is found the be the near maximum of displacement that can be achieved from a 350.

Being in service for nearly 50 years, parts are common and easy to obtain.

Personally, I have owned a 350 nova for 6 years and have spent 4k total, including purchase price. Rims, new motor, new suspension, and new brake system. I can also boast nearly 15 mpg on the highway, but far less in the city.... provided that I can keep my foot out of it.

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