The Chess Federation of Canada is a charitable organization whose mandate is to promote and encourage the knowledge, study and play of the game of chess in Canada. All members of the C.F.C. receive the national Canadian chess magazine: En Passant.

The C.F.C. also organizes National Championships:

  • Canadian Closed
  • Canadian Women's Closed
  • Canadian Junior
  • Canadian Youth Chess Championship

The C.F.C. has sent a National Team of 6 players and a Women's Team of 4 players to the World Chess Olympiad each time it has been held since 1964.

Games at C.F.C. tournaments are generally in the traditional long-duration format. Each player gets 2.5 hours to play the game. Hence, games can potentially go for 5 hours, although this is rare.

The C.F.C. is located online at

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