The Cheezie is a crunchy corn snack with a cheese flavouring. Americans will be familiar with a similar products like Cheetos, cheeze curls and a plethora of others.

A Cheezie is not a Cheeto and a Cheeto is not a Cheezie, first a cheezie is made with real cheese(if the package can be believed). It's covered in an orange powder that that looks similar to the "cheese" that comes with Kraft Dinner. The second difference is that a Cheezie is very crunchy, especially in comparison to the soft greasy glory that is a Cheeto. The third difference is Cheezies are shaped irregularly. They're lumpy and knotted, they look like balls of cornmeal and water that were chucked into a deep fryer, but they are oh so tasty. They've always reminded me of the clubs that the Berenstain Bears carried.

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