The Cheese Cellar Café is by far my favorite place of dining. It is located in The Shops of Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA. At this restaurant you will encounter a variety of Country French, Italian, and traditional American foods.

Although there is an abundant menu selection, anyone will tell you the real reason to go there is for their house famous fondues. As an appetizer (although my family and I eat it as a meal) the Sam Adams Beer & Cheddar Fondue is essential. This mouthwatering delicacy is served in a ceramic pot suspended over a tea light, containing Sam Adams Beer, cheddar cheese, milk, flour, and water. It is served with a basket full of bite sized pieces of French bread and red delicious apple slices, complete with fondue forks.

The next item of choice would have to be the Chocolate Fondue. This dessert is guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The exact ingredients are a secret, but from what I can muscle out of the servers is that it contains semi-sweet chocolate, milk, and orange liquor. The Chocolate Fondue is also served over a tea light and with seasonal fruit. Its compliments are usually pineapples, strawberries, bananas, red delicious apples, pound cake, and marshmallows.

This is a wonderful restaurant to go to as a first date, or with a bunch of friends. The rules of eating fondue are that you try to sit boy – girl – boy – girl. If you are to drop your bite size fondue piece outside of the fondue pot, you are to kiss the person to your right. Likewise, if your piece is dropped into the pot, you kiss the person to your left.

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