Initially a hit in the arcades Taito's 1988 driving game, Chase HQ, was later converted onto most of the home computers and consoles of the 8 bit and 16 bit era.

What disinguished it from other driving games of the time was the fact you were not just racing against the clock, but chasing down a dangerous criminal. At the start of each level, the glorious Nancy would phone you with the immortal line, "This is Nancy at Chase HQ. We've got an emergency here!" She would then give you details of the felon and a picture of the bad guy's car would appear on your screen.

The next shot would be you on the road in what looked like a brown Porsche 928 S, but I couldn't find accurate details on that. You'd stick your flashing light on the roof and floor it to a scream of "Giddy up, boy!" or "Let's go Mr Driver!" from your partner and then away you'd go.

The next stage of gameplay deals with catching up with the target, say Ralph, the Idaho Slasher. Your car comes equipped with three turbo boosts that make this easier, but some would argue they are much more use in the next stage of the level. So you race through the streets and even off road, watching time run out as your prey heads for the border, but you can also watch the distance to your target count down as you close in.

Phase two of the level comes when you are close enough to try and stop the target. This is done by repeatedly ramming into his car in an attempt to render it undrivable. You'll not only see a damage meter filling up, but will also see the effect on the enemy car and eventually flames coming out. This is when you wish you had kept your turbos, because each impact also has the chance of slowing you down and letting them build up their lead again. Try to ram from the sides and you'll be better off. The only other trick is to release a turbo on the brow of a hill and jump onto the top of the target car. It's not easy.

Only after a good smashing will the suspect give in and the player be rewarded with a scene showing the arrest. But the life of the pursuit cop is not a quiet one and directly after you have said, "You are under arrest!" that deliciously professional woman will be back again with... "This is Nancy at Chase HQ. We've got an emergency here!"

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