One of the lesser-known Looney Tunes characters, Charlie Dog was a mutt that had a tendency to annoy and irritate his way into domesticity with his targets. Most often his target happened to be Porky Pig, who he starred with in 4 cartoons. His character was a sort of stereotypical Brooklynite, and he came across as an all around wiseguy (or should that be wisedog...). His debut was in the 1941 black and white featurette "Porky's Pooch". He looked slightly different, with a black ring around his eye, and the namesake of Rover, but he had all the attitude of his colorized version. He returned in 1947 in "Little Orphan Aridale", this time named Charlie and given his most well-known and often-repeated gimmicks. One in particular is where his antagonist mails him to another country, either Scotland or Siberia or somewhere else, and he returns almost immediately in garb and demeanor of destination. Also common is this routine...

"I'm 50% Pointer - 'There it is! There it is! There it is!', 50% Boxer (shadowboxing), 50% Watchdog (showing off a pocket watch), 50% Setter...(sits on a rock or chair and puffs on a Meerschaum pipe) 'irish setter!'. 50% Spitz 'pah-tooey!', but mostly I'm all Labrador Retriever. (doubting usually follows with the reply) Well find me a Labrador and I'll retrieve it!"

After 3 color cartoons with Porky Pig, Chuck Jones wanted to start Charlie on a series of his own. Unfortunately that only lasted two featurettes and a cameo in 1958's "Dog Tales". The character was retired afterwards, but made a return in the 1990's in both merchandise and exposure, appearing in both "Space Jam" and having a recurring role on KidsWB's "The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries"

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