Charles Band (sometimes called Charlie) is a writer/producer/director of low budget B-movie style films. Born on December 27, 1951 to fellow B-movie director Albert Band. Band has founded three different video companys over the course of his career; Media Home Entertainment, Empire Pictures, and Full Moon Pictures. Band currently works primarily with Full Moon and it's growing number of subsidiaries. While he is primarily a producer, Band's directing and writing credits are still extensive. A good deal of Band's movies are horror films dealing with small creatures, such as Puppet Master, Ghoulies, and Blood Dolls. Band frequently uses actors many times in different movies. He has made numerous films with both Tim Thomerson and Jeffrey Combs, not to mention a number of others. He also frequently works with members of his family (Albert Band appears in Trancers 2 and his brother, Richard Band, does a large percentage of Full Moon's musical scores. While Band seems to be writing less and less lately, his list of production credits is growing at a steady rate as Full Moon continues to prosper. Charles Band appears at the beginning of every Videozone (behind the scenes featurettes that follow most Full Moon films).

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