On the outskirts of the universe, across the planar morass called Limbo, tales tell of the outermost of the Outer Planes, the Courts of Chaos. There dwell the Chaosborn, eldest of the Elder Races, who have existed since the time when all of existence was formless chaos, before the creation of the Pattern. Like their opposite numbers, the Amberites, most Chaosborn resemble humans in basic form, though there are exceptions. Also like Amberites, the Chaosborn are far stronger, faster, hardier, more intelligent, and otherwise more capable than humans, though not to the same degree as one with the Pattern marked in his blood.

There are three great Houses of the Chaosborn which rule among them:
the Chaos Lords, Chaos Knights, and Chaosmorphs.

Before one of the Chaosborn may aspire to such power, however, they must attain considerable mundane skill; as such, like Amberites, one of the Chaosborn may sometimes be found adventuring across the planes.

As the chosen ones of the forces of chaos, the Chaosborn enjoy the perpetual favor of those forces; as well, they live tremendously long lives, during which they have the opportunity to learn many skills. They bear the onus of all the Elder Races, though, in that their learning process is very slow, though not so slow as that of an Amberite. They speak the One Tongue, Thari.

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