Quasi-unheard of artist, architect and sculptor whos love for the moon like landscape of Lanzarote. Itself formed by volcanic activity centuries before and re-shaped again by huge volcanic eruptions in the 1700's led to his best works. These included the Jameos Del Agua a strange restaurant, museum, audotorium amalgamation built in the remnants of a series of volcanic bubbles, a restuarant a top a relatively inactive volcano overlooking the desolate landscape of the island(try the chicken, YUM !) and the Cesar Manrique Foundation, his own house built into five small volcanic bubbles then converted into a museum and art gallery including works by his idols and friends. Such artists as Pablo Picasso and Vazquez Diaz. In 1992 tragically dying in a car such was the irony as he loathed the large amount of cars on the island.

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