A delightful and refreshing dark beer made by San Miguel brewery in the Philippines. It has a more complex and full taste compared to the very popular but rather pedestrian pale pilsen that San Miguel also makes.

It has the distinct dark color that is very similar to that of Guinness but does not have as much bitterness or character in its flavor. The head of foam is also significantly smaller in a glass of Cerveza Negra.

Like all other local San Miguel beer products, the bottles don't indicate the alcohol content of the beverage but I would think that pale pilsen, super dry and san mig light all have the standard of 5% alcohol. Cerveza Negra seems to have less alcohol as it takes more of it to get me blotto.

Cerveza Negra is more of a connosieur's gourmet beer and is meant to be taken with good food. This is not really a beer to get drunk with as it would take you about 6 or more to get a decent buzz.

The nice thing about dark beer is you can put it in a glass and drink it with your lunch at work, if you can pour it slowly and not create too much foam, it looks as innocent as a glass of Coca Cola and your co-workers will be none the wiser.

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