Did you know that only one out of every hundred wolves die of natural causes? The other ninety nine die of vehicle or train collisions, hunting, trapping or water pollution. These are all human faults.

The Central Rockies Wolf Project is a non-profit organisation which works together to help increase and conserve the small wolf population in Alberta. The project was undertaken in 1987, fallowing a thirty year absence of wolf packs in Alberta’s parks. Wolves had already been eliminated twice in these parks through poisoning and hunting. The wolves began to recolinize the Central Rockies in the mid-1980’s, being monitored by researchers. When the Project started, wolves began to be radio-collared and tracked to determine areas of established territories and to help delineate predator-prey relations. The Wolf Project claims that radio-collaring wolves will help conserve their population by the meens that the conservation of wolves requires an understanding of our relationship with wolves and the relationship of wolves to their habitat.

To get help funding and increase the awareness of this project, the Central Rockies Wolf Project has begun the « Follow My Paw Prints© » program. This is a program where a person or group can sponsor a wolf. The participants of this program receive newletters, and information on how their wolf is doing four times a year. The proceeds go derectly to wolf research.

It is good to get involved in programs like these to increase the awareness that wolves are endangered, not only in Alberta, but all over the world. I am a member and most of the wolves I’ve sponsored died the first year. We’re the ones who are killing them, and we’re the ones who need to help them get back up.

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