CentOS is a stripped down and hardened version of Red Hat Linux. It's available for use without cost to individuals or commercial enterprises. It is one of the most-used Linux-based operating systems. Indeed, it is the back end operating system platform of a large portion of Internet web servers. 

Because it has had most of the utilities and add-ons stripped off, the server is easier to manage and secure. It makes an excellent starting point for commercial systems. Required files and updates are easy to install by command line.

The operating system is managed by the CentOS Project and maintains a website at http://www.centos.org. Initially released in 2004, CentOS offers community-based support for an enterprise-grade product, and it has been accepted and used in many different Fortune 1000 companies all the way down to individuals with one computer under their desk. I've used it in two commercial enterprise ventures and also ran a couple of personal websites with CentOS and Quartz.

Iron Noder 2017

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