British speaker manufacturer. They make mid-high end Hi Fi and home theater speakers which are sold worldwide. From the manual of my Celestion S8:

Since 1924 Celestion has been associated with technical innovation coupled with design and manufacturing excellence.

Located in Ipswich, Suffolk, a county famous for its gentle rolling landscapes and home of England's greatest landscape artist John Constable, Celestion continues its proud traditions.

Traditional skills are carefully maintained but are now harnessed to the precision of new technology. A unique laser interferometry measuring system enables our research engineers to deveop transducers whose behavior can be precisely controlled. The result is carefully integrated loudspeaker systems which ensure outstanding performance and lifelong reliability for your listening pleasure.

In my area their products are available at Bryn Mawr Stereo/Video and Hi Fi House, but their products aren't too common in the US, though they do make some guitar speakers as well which are often used in combo amps sold here.

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