A classic "action adventure" game dating from the early Eighties for the IBM PC. Written by Kevin Bales. Similar to a crudely-graphically-represented Zork/Rogue hybrid, you have to explore the Castle collecting treasures and killing monsters. All the "art" is in monochrome 40-column ASCII. PC Speaker sound. It took me ages to complete this game (hey, I was a kid!) and I think I even mailed the author (now long since dead/retired/senile) for help near the end. I must have been really dumb. My copy is on the original Shareware Catalogue yellow floppy disk Adventures 1, now over 13 years old but still functional.

Now, thanks to the wonders of Unicode (OK, Ascii, whatever...) I present some of the cast of Castle Adventure:

- the hero!

† - his trusty sword

¢ - his helmet (oo-er.)

∗ - the nasty spider

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