Casper Christensen is perhaps the most successfull danish comedian, at least for the past 20 years. His career started with his debut on some children show called hvaffor en hånd (which hand in english). But his comic debut was on a danish youth programme on the national danish television, DR, called transit.

Here he became famous for his falling manouvre. After transit Then he made a show called Husk Lige tandbørsten (remember your toothbrush) this show was the one that really kicked off his career. The Husk Lige... shows were sometimes watch by over a million viewers, which i a very large amount considering Denmarks small size of only 5 million inhabitants.

After the Husk Lige... shows, he made a smaller show called Safari on the same channel. Safari didn't attract nearly as many viewers as the previous show, but had a steady fan base.

For a short time in 1997 C.C. and some other comedians made a radio show called Tæskeholdet (the beatingteam) It was quite a hit among high school and college students all over Denmark, it was very similar to the howard stern show.

Now when Caspers name was firmly established, the other nationwide tv station at that time, tv2, wanted him to make a show called Darios Joint, This show totally flopped and was quickly cancelled by the station. In 1999 Casper together with his friend and collegue Lars Hjortshøj and two other comedians, made the ground breaking comic show Casper Christensen og Mandrilaftalen (C.C. and the Mandrildeal) which wasn't seen by that many, but it had the strongest fan base a tv show has ever had in Denmark.

Right now (jan. 2001) C.C. is making a show for the newest tv station in DK, "tv2 zulu".

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