Nestled among the Uintah mountians of Utah is one of the most beautiful places north of the Tropic of Cancer. It is a natural spring where ground water seeps out of a large round area that outlets runoff from a glacier higher in the mountians.

The water runs down through a series of rough cascades (the upper cascades) into a group of larger limestone cascades (the lower cascades) where the water calmly flows down twoard a river at the bottom of the canyon and it enters a sinkhole along with both ends of the river.

There are fish that live in the limestone cascades that are not found anywhere else in the area and may not be caught, so do not bring fishing gear.

The area is excellent for photography, bring a polarizing filter, a short lens, a mid-length lens (200 or 300mm), and some color 100 speed film. The upper cascades are beautiful, and cannot be described in words. The lower cascades are good for pictures of fish, which contrast well with the limestone cascades.

This would be a great place to bring a girl for a romantic walk, on the paved/boardwalk trails through the cascades area.

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