Cheese eaten by . . .
Mouse eaten by . . .
Cat eaten by . . .
Dog eaten by . . .
Dog Catcher.

Okay, two Simpsons references seem appropriate here.

"The animal chain of command goes: mouse, cat,"

- the head exec of Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, explaining to his writers what the new character should be, eventually resulting in Poochie the Rockin Dog.

and, of course, in the meat industry sponsored film strip shown to Lisa's class to discourage vegetarianism:

"No, your friend's not crazy, just ignorant. See, your crazy friend has obviously never heard of the food chain."

-Troy McClure, who then displays a chart-like image showing the silhouettes of every kind of animal all pointing towards the open mouthed human figure in the center.

The "food chain" in some animated cartoons is even longer, with one additional step on each end:

apple | worm | bird | cat | dog | dog catcher | spouse

There's one short where a thought balloon appears above the bird's head, with the text . o O Dogs chase cats... cats chase birds... I'm a bird... I gotta help the dog! /msg yerricde if you know the title of this one, which ends with the worm using a pin to push the other characters several feet up in the air and then taking a shower inside an apple.

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