Carol Roberts, 64, is one of three members of the Palm Beach County, Florida election canvassing board. She is a former mayor and city commissioner of West Palm Beach and an unabashed Democrat.

During the 2000 presidential election, she was a strong advocate for a hand recount of the county’s votes. When the board was discussing possible penalties for recounting in defiance of the dictates of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, Roberts asked, to the cheers of Democratic supporters, "What can they do to us? Do we go to jail? Because I’m willing to go to jail."

Because of her strong advocacy of the recount and her position as one of the county’s most prominent Democrats, she was the target of much criticism from Republican supporters. Some tried to get her removed from the recount efforts and accused her of tampering with the ballots and even, ridiculously, eating chad to hide evidence of this. She was the target of death threats and was under police protection.

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