"Carl Cameron Investigates" was a four-part series broadcast by Fox News in the December of 2001. Cameron, Fox's chief political correspondent, reported on a "vast Israeli spy ring" discovered and broken up by US authorities. Connections were drawn between Israeli organized crime, a national wire-tap system, an Israeli-based billing corporation, and the detention of Israeli nationals immediately following the World Trade Center attacks.

The report was vigorously contested by the Israeli embassy and Jewish advocacy groups within the US. Not surprisingly, anti-semitic groups and conspiracy nuts had a field day, as the report vaguely substantiated a number of their own beliefs. In a move of questionable avail, Fox News pulled the transcript of the story from its website, where it had previously been posted. Going to the URL now displays a "This story no longer exists" message. Again unsurprisingly, many read dark and ominous machinations in the removal of the piece. Transcripts of the report survive, many saved in the original Fox website HTML. AVI's of the actual TV broadcast can be found online for some, but to the best of my knowledge not all, parts of the broadcast. A quick google search will turn up the now-empty Fox pages, a number of conspiracy/white-supremacist websites, and Jewish interest groups.

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