Carhenge is a replica of Stonehenge made of cars. It is located near Aliance, NE, north on highway 87. It was designed by Jim Reinders and in the summer of 1987 him and 35 members of the Reinders clan built carhenge as a memorial to Jim's father who died in 1982.

It was made from 38 vintage american automobiles and was built proportionly to the original. The circle ended up measuring about 96 feet in diameter. Cars are stood up on end by burying them the five feet holes, trunk end down. Welding was used to hold it together in certain places. And finally all the cars were spray painted gray.

Since it's original construction the 10 acres of land that carhenge resides on has been made into a Car Art Reserve. A parking lot was added and so were several other pieces of Car Art. The whole "reserve" is cared for by the Friends of Carhenge.

I've yet to visit carhenge, but I have it on my list of things to do when I go back to Nebraska to visit the folks some for longer then a weekend. (yes I would stop to see a big ball of twine or the world's largest cheese cow.)

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