Ten minutes ago, a wormhole ripped open inside my car radiator, and all the coolant inside was sucked through spacetime to a point underneath a small red car that was stopped at an intersection in front of us yesterday afternoon. I'm not making this up.

I was just standing outside my office waiting for my wife to pick me up. She was late. I waited. She was later. I went back upstairs to surf for a while, figuring she'd just call me when she arrived.

She just called to say that she had to pull our well-maintained (complete maxi-service every six months) 1992 V6 Holden VP Commodore off the road because the engine temperature was off the gauge. When she opened the radiator, it was completely empty. So was the coolant reservoir.

Jump back and across a bit in spacetime to yesterday afternoon. My wife had picked me up, and we were stopped at an intersection about a block from my office. A red hatchback was stopped in front of us.

As I watched, flourescent green liquid suddenly appeared from under the car in front of us, streaming towards the side of the road. The volume of liquid was quite large. It looked as though the bottom had suddenly fallen out of this guy's cooling system.

We honked our horn - he ignored us. He drove off from the intersection - we tried to get along side him, but he turned down a side street. Oh well, we shrugged - he'll find out soon enough. Except he wouldn't, because I now know that it wasn't coolant from his car that was spewing all over the road - it was coolant from our car, the next afternoon, across town.

So I'm here now, waiting for my wife. She said the guy from NRMA would be about half an hour, so she should be here in an hour or so, assuming he has coolant on the truck. Just thought I'd share this all with you - I've got some time to kill, anyway.

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