To begin with, there isn't a whole lot on TV or on commercial radio. There are a lot of ads. But for whatever reason, the grand majority of these ads are car ads.

Now, I'm not going to attempt to guess the reason for all the car ads, but I will comment on the general thrust of these ads. There are several types of car ads:
  • That car ad where the music that makes you want to dance plays while the camera angles in on the car from different angles, in an effort to make it look like it's not just another mid sized sedan. Yup. There are a lot of these. They usually rely on an up and coming band like Republica or an old classic like Isaac Hayes in order to pull it off. Not that they do.
  • That car ad where the car goes through the wilderness surroundings, completely unlike your own. Are you a bored soccer mom? Well thankfully, your car can go through the wilderness. Nothing like 4 wheel drive when you need to drive to get the groceries in the local suburban center.
  • That car ad where they have the cool special effects, but no hint of real surroundings. The car pretty much spins around while various vector graphics swoop in, sometimes with a wireframe model of the car. The key to this kind of ad is extolling the virtues of the car showing that your engineers created many new brilliant features that could only be shown by the wireframe car swooping around with vector graphics everywhere.
That pretty much sums them up, which sums up the majority of TV ads. Unless you're watching lifetime.

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