How did it happen? Who started this? And how did it end up becoming the sexual fantasy of millions of men and boys?

Research on the history reveals data going back to the 1950s, but it is possible they appeared before that. They were originally volunteers. Most were young women in high school who were considering a career in nursing. They were called "Candy Stripers" because they wore red and white or sometimes pink and white striped uniforms. This was done to make sure they were not easily confused with nurses, who always wore all white.

Candy stripers helped with certain tasks that did not require medical training. Depending on the program, they might simply go around talking and listening to patients in hospitals. Others would do things more commonly associated now with nurses' aides. They changed beds, emptied bedpans and brought patients their meals.

No one seems to know where it all started, but the candy striper era seems to be at or near an end. I have not seen one in decades, although I look very hard every single day. The medical profession and hospitals in general have become more concerned about liability and are less likely to allow untrained or undertrained volunteers administer any kind of care to patients.

You will find porn popping up all over the place if you do a search for "candy striper" on Google. Many a film and many a naughty website offers nymphomaniac candy stripers for your entertainment. Why? Well, consider:

Young and attractive high school age girl comes into your hospital room to cheer you up or bring you a fresh pillow. You've been sitting there for days flipping the channels and watching "Bonanza" and "The Waltons" reruns. You are bored out of your mind and this girl in a red and white striped skirt is leaning over you asking if you need anything. Fill in the blanks. And, eh, pretend this kind of thing would be of some of interest to you.

It is important to note that few, if any, of these dirty little candy stripers doing naughty things are really candy stripers. You can dress anyone up and pretend they are anything. I'm told I make an effective cheerleader and I never was one. So, let us consider fact and fiction and how the line can be blurred in the wonderfully perverse minds of some human beings.

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