Cherry Ames is the main character of a series of girls' books published during and after World War II. Cherry signs up to go to an accelerated nursing school, since she wants to contribute to the war effort.

She is not just an army nurse, she's a girl detective, solving mysteries, catching German spies, and figuring out why someone is sad and fixing their problem.

In all her adventures, through dozens of books, she dates several men, but refuses to marry, because she is having so much fun being a nurse and travelling all over the world. The army uniforms are so stylish and durable! The people are so nice! And the food is great.

It's great propaganda. After reading one of these, I'm all ready to go be an army nurse. I just can't help it.

Some of her friends from Spencer Nursing School usually live and work with her. There is a plump girl, a spoiled, unhappy rich girl, and a shy Chinese girl in their gang.

Cherry has a twin brother, Charlie, who is a pilot in the war. She is from the small town of Hilton, somewhere in the Midwest.

Her nickname is Cherry because of her rosy cheeks (which of course, go with curly black hair and snapping black eyes).

There is a great parody, written by Mabel Meany, called A Ghost in the Closet, which parodies Cherry Ames and Nancy Drew. In it, Cherry discovers she is gay. The Hardy Boys also make cameo appearances. In one silly scene, Cherry walks into a bar in San Francisco, where a group of rather masculine-looking women is playing pool, and introduces herself as "Cherry". Everyone bursts out laughing, and Cherry can't figure out why.

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