A Windows screen capture utility from TechSmith, who also make another popular screen capture utility, SnagIt.

Camtasia is somewhat similar to good ol' Lotus ScreenCam - that is, it's intended for video captures of Windows desktop. The coolest part of it is that it saves the screen captures in AVI format (using any codec - they provide a codec of their own specifically optimized for screen captures, though).

Camtasia also allows capture of sound and voice-over, zooming, panning, annotation, cursor highlights and hiding, some special effects and the like.

Regrettably Camtasia failed my Ultimate Acid Test (failed to deliver an acceptable-quality (640x480 25 fps) capture of 3DMark 2001 demo - got severely laggy picture, often half-rendered frames [on PIII-600MHz with GeForce2MX]... I think I'll stick with TV-Out and VCR after all...)

Camtasia is a commercial product (though the demo is surprisingly capable, and is not crippled, except for the watermarking after the trial period ends).

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