Cam Portal 8 is my new addiction. There are seven pages of webcams (mostly cam girls) at The Stile Project each page has six cams on it. Then there is the eighth page which shows the six most recently updated cams at all times. I used to click through the cam portal pages once a day or so letting each page refresh once to see who was live. No more! Now I only need to look at one page. With all the time I'm saving I can now afford to spend hours each day watching the cams interact with each other. There is also an anonymous chat app on the bottom of the page where you can type intelligent and thought provoking messages (like "show me your boobs") to the cam girls. The people on the cams are usually reading the chat and will sometimes honor your requests for skin or feet or tongue or whatever your into. Cam portal 8 first appeared sometime in November 2000. Does this make me a stalker?
Cam Portal 8 is:

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