Situated right off of Route 43, California is a small town in Southwestern PA. It isn't too bad of a place, except many of the people who live there, and in the surrounding places are too complacent with their little lot in life, and don't want to reach much farther than they absolutely must. As a result many of the buildings are delapidated, and the land undeveloped. Rampant pollution (litter, water, dumping, etc) takes place on a large scale in nearly all the surrounding areas. It's a shame, the whole area would be gorgeous if it were not for the people - who ruin it.

As mentioned above, it is home to California University of Pennsylvania, a small, rural college which attracts several of the local high school graduates. Aside from the college, there isn't much else keeping people in the town, and hence keeping the town alive. A goodly portion of the town is zoned commercially, yet when I try to put names to the various establishments, I come up with only three: Subway, Eckerd, and Dairy Queen. There is also a gas station, some textbook stores, oh! a Dollar General, a few dentist offices, a hair salon, and a smattering of other little shops. It just isn't a very interesting place.

I suppose it's what would happen when people become too utilitarian.

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