Small University nestled in southwestern Pennsylvania, in a town named, you guessed it, California, PA. Loads of people are befuddled at the name, and perhaps rightfully so, although many cities have incongruent and misleading names. At any rate, the Univeristy occupies a small patch of land along the Monongahela River.

While not much of a research school at all, Cal U (as it is known to the region) provides opprotunities to many adult students, from what I have seen. They are also somewhat well-equipped in the radio broadcasting area, although I have absolutely no details about this. Cal gets a huge number of the local high schools' graduates to do a year or two of study, and then those students usually take off to (better) schools for their degree.

Living only a few minutes from the campus, I must say that it would be convienent for many who don't want to dig up their roots and move elsewhere, but other than that, I can't see any real advantages to attending Cal U. Students in this area would be better off going to The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), or The Pennsylvania State University (PSU).

In 10th grade I took a summer class (Chemistry) at the University because I wanted to get ahead in my studies. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't stellar. Then again, I was spending most of that summer thinking about EverQuest, and not Chemistry.

Oh, and tuition is cheap, too. Really cheap. $2k for a semester of up to 18 credits. Books are pricy, but where are they not? One huge caveat: they don't allow students to overload on credits. BAD BAD BAD. AWFUL. Caveat number 2: it seems that most of the student body are not the academic type, IE: they really don't seem to care about learning, they just want to get through with school. *sigh*

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