Founded in 1883 by two men, Thomas Braden and Andrew Armour, with only a hand press, the Calgary Herald, or the Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate and General Advertiser, as it was known back then, originally had a circulation of only 150 people weekly. At the time it was one of only three companies in Calgary, the other two being the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Hudson Bay Company. Currently, they are one of four daily newspapers, the other three newspapers being the Calgary Sun, the National Post, and the Globe and Mail. Their weekday readership is around 300,000, 80% of that which is from home delivery subscriptions.

The sections included daily in the paper include the City section, Sports, Arts&Style, Business, Classifieds, Comics, Opinion, and of course News. Sections that are included weekly are: Wheels, Hit List (A comprehensive listing of what's going on in the city that week), Vitality (How to live life healthier, happier, etc.), E-Business, Travel, Homes and HomeStyle, Religion, Observer (Pure opinion section baby), and Money (Personal finance as opposed to the business section).

The Calgary Herald is generally regarded as the better of the two Calgary local daily newspapers. Its stories are well written, and unlike some newspapers, they seem to take the idea of examining both sides of an issue seriously. On the average, their editorial board is politically a little right of center, although they do have a few opinion writers who are very liberal, and a few who are very conservative. Usually on the same page. Contrast is good.

The Calgary Herald is part of the Southam Publications of CanWest Global Communications.

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