Founded in 1980 after the Toronto Sun Corporation purchased the assets of the Calgary Albertan. They are one of four daily newspapers, the other three newspapers being the Calgary Herald, the National Post, and the Globe and Mail. Their weekday readership is around 225,000.

The sections included daily in the paper include the Sports section, Showbiz, Business, Classifieds, Comics, Comment, and of course News. Sections that are included weekly are: Homes, Lifestyle and Shop Calgary.

The Calgary Sun is generally regarded as the worse of the two Calgary local daily newspapers. It's stories are often sensationalist, and they don't seem to adhere very well to the philosophy of checking both sides of an issue, which is one of the most important aspects of good journalism. It's editorial section is chock full of the most rabid right wingers that can be found, even in an extremely conservative city like Calgary. And the letters to the editor section... dear god some of those people are idiots.

The Calgary Sun is part of the Toronto Sun Corp., a Quebecor company.

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